As a community of believers, both individually and corporately, who have been transformed by the gospel of grace in Jesus Christ, we seek to live the way God wants us to live; to do what the Lord requires of us, which is: to do what is just; to love kindness and mercy; and to walk humbly with our God. We desire to see this lived out in deep and meaningful ways as we:

  • Worship God (father, son and holy spirit) in spirit and truth, loving him with all our heart, mind, soul and strength.
  • Love and serve one another; growing in the grace and knowledge of our savior through ministries of discipleship, education and nurture.
  • Love our neighbors as ourselves, by the fruit of the Holy Spirit; seeking to live missionally, conveying Shalom through outreach, justice, mercy, and gospel transformation.

In accordance with this purpose, the following goals were adopted in July 2012 by the leadership of Covenant Community church:

Missional Living

Covenant Community Church will establish a missional mind-set within the congregation and provide practical opportunities for participation and involvement in missional works within the church, in the local community, nationally, and internationally. The leadership of the church will provide vision, training, and opportunities to achieve this goal in the following ways:

  • Incorporate a missional theme into preaching and teaching
  • Provide at least four significant opportunities yearly to serve in a missional capacity directed inward to the congregation
  • Provide at least three significant opportunities yearly to serve in a missional capacity, with a focus on forming missional communities.
  • Provide at least two opportunities yearly to serve in a missional capacity nationally or internationally.
  • Implement a continuous process to informally match congregation members with various non-church-sanctioned opportunities.


Encourage individuals both within and outside Covenant Community Church to love and serve one another to the glory of God: to be used by God as instruments of gospel transformation. We will accomplish this by developing ministries of mercy and developing training for leaders.

  • Under the oversight of the Deacons develop and maintain mercy ministries to address the needs of individuals both inside and outside the church.
    • Identify and recognize specific mercy ministry needs
    • Add Session appointed diaconal assistants of both sexes to lead or head recognized mercy ministries
    • Annually review and evaluate mercy ministries of the church
  • Under the oversight of the pastor and a ruling elder, encourage and develop leadership training for the specific ministries of the church.
    • Coordinate at least six training meetings annually for Officer Candidates
    • Expect other ministry leaders of the church to attend the training meetings that are applicable to their area of ministry
    • Seek to identify and send individuals from a particular ministry to training opportunities outside the church
    • Annually review and evaluate leadership training needs, and send individuals from identified ministries to outside training on a yearly basis

Church Planting

As Covenant Community Church desires to be a church on mission, longing to be a blessing to all people in word and deed, our heart is to reach our neighbors and the nations with the gospel of grace. Because God calls individuals into His covenant community, establishing gospel-centered churches in local communities is essential.

  • In the next five years, CCPCA will participate with other churches of the Pittsburgh and Ascension Presbyteries in the planting of new congregations by prayerfully, financially, and physically (through attendance, workday opportunities, shared worship services, picnics etc.) supporting such works.
  • CCPCA will prayerfully seek the Lord’s direction in taking a more direct role in the planting of a new PCA congregation in the north of Pittsburgh.
  • Throughout the next five years, CCPCA will endeavor to meet the needs of the unsaved people in the north of Pittsburgh with the love of Christ. CCPCA will seek such opportunities and actively partner with other Evangelical churches and Christian organizations to build the kingdom in our locale.

Physical Growth

As Covenant Community Church continues to experience growth, primarily with the addition of more and more children, adequate space is becoming a greater need, and will only continue to be the case. To meet these needs, more administrative and educational space is needed in the next three to five years for our children’s and educational ministries. Looking at our current property as our first priority, while keeping other options open if possibilities on this property do not materialize. To begin this process two committees will be formed.

  • Congregational growth committee – Made up of at least 1 Elder, Deacon and laity
  • Building committee – Made up of at least 1 Elder, 1 Deacon, and laity