The Solas of Advent

This series will look at five core truths that are uniquely evident during Advent, and are central to the Christian life: the Word of God, Faith, Grace, Christ, and the Glory of God.

Advent means a “coming” or “visitation.” That is exactly what we, as followers of Christ, are waiting for: the second coming of Jesus. This waiting frames our experience as Christians in this holy season. We learn how to groan with creation, to lament, and to long for the restoration of all things.

In Advent, we live in a dual reality. We go back to remember the first coming foretold, the prophecies about the Messiah from the Old Testament and the wonderful fulfillment of these promises in the person of Christ Jesus. But we live as those who know the Messiah, who know where the Story is going, and so we acutely know how unfinished the Story really is. So we look and love into a world with a holy impatience, wanting our hearts to mirror the King’s and longing for the earth to mirror His Kingdom, waiting for the second coming foretold, the return of Jesus. This is the season of Advent.