For All Volunteers Working With Children (Nursery, Toddler Care, Sunday School Teachers, VBS, etc.)

State law requires all volunteers to have the following clearances.  Clearances will need to be renewed every five years for as long as you wish to continue volunteering.
• Pennsylvania Child Abuse History (Act 151) – free for volunteers
• Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Check (Act 34) – free for volunteers
• Federal Bureau of Investigation Criminal Background Check (Act 114)

Pennsylvania state laws apply to all activities/events sponsored directly through Covenant Community. As set forth in the Child Protective Services Law, a volunteer is an adult serving in an unpaid position in which he or she may be responsible for the welfare of a child or have direct contact with children. We value and appreciate our volunteers, and thank you for caring for our children in this way.

Please use the directions below for applying for clearances.  Submit all three clearances simultaneously to the church office.  Please make copies for your personal files prior to submission.

For more information or questions about the clearance procedure, please contact Pastor Jon.

Volunteer Clearance Application Directions

Act 34 Criminal Background Check
Criminal reports may be obtained electronically from the Pennsylvania State Police at

• Click on “New Record Check – Volunteer”
• Free for Volunteers
• Check the Volunteer Acknowledgement
• At the bottom of the page click to accept the terms and conditions
• Complete the fields
• Click next
• Verify the information by clicking proceed
• Complete the fields and click on enter the request
• Click finished
• Once the search results page appears, click on the Control Number to open the details page
• Click “Certification Form” to access your official clearance and then print the form
Act 151 Child Abuse Clearance – if experiencing issues with Internet Explorer, please try a different web browser

The Child Abuse report application may be obtained electronically at

• Create a new account or log in to your existing account – you will need an email address
• Click on next
• Keystone ID:  create a username
• Complete the fields and click on finish.  Please make note of exactly how you enter the first and last name.  You will need it for the electronic signature at the end.
• Follow the prompts for creating a password
• Log in
• Click through the continue and next prompts
• Click on “Create a Clearance Application”
• Read through and click “Begin” at the bottom of the page
• Enter in your name, birthday, gender, “yes” for Social Security Number, enter Social Security Number, email address
• Complete the remaining sheets by clicking on the “+” to add and then complete the fields
• Click on next at the bottom of each page
• May take up to 14 days to receive the report via email or mail

The following is not required if you been a Commonwealth resident continually for 10 years, and swear in writing (Volunteer Affidavit) that you have never been convicted of a disqualifying crime in Pennsylvania or another state, only the child abuse (Act 151) and state clearances (Act 34) are needed; the federal criminal check is not needed.
Act 114 Federal (FBI) Criminal History Report
Federal (FBI) Criminal reports may be obtained electronically from the Pennsylvania State Police at

• Click on “Register Online” on the right side of the screen
• Click the check box to accept the terms
• Click continue
• You will be required to enter a valid credit card, which will be charged $27.00
• Complete the fields for credit card information.
• Once registered online, print the receipt.  You will need to bring the receipt and photo id to an approved fingerprint site.  The following is a list of approved sites in our area.

The UPS Store – Butler

The UPS Store – Cranberry

The UPS Store – Gibsonia

The UPS Store – Forbes Ave., Oakland