Covenant Community is a gospel-centered church that seeks to be a blessing to all people in word and deed. By God’s grace we will continue to grow: in our worship of God, discipleship of each other, and as a community on mission. As we live out this vision, we will be active planting like-minded gospel-centered churches.


Covenant Community Church exists for the glory of God, to be used by God as an instrument for gospel transformation and reconciliation of individuals, families, communities, and culture in the North Hills of Pittsburgh.

The Lord is transforming us into a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic church, displaying the glories of the gospel, by making us one in Christ. We worship bilingually in Spanish and English as we continue to welcome friends from the Hispanic community.


As a community of believers, both individually and corporately, who have been transformed by the gospel of grace in Jesus Christ, we seek to live the way God wants us to live; to do what the Lord requires of us, which is: to do what is just; to love kindness and mercy; and to walk humbly with our God. This is easily stated in three words – Worship, Love, and Serve.

We seek to live this out as follows:

  1. Worship God with our whole lives, both corporately as the gathered people of God, and as individuals stewarding all aspects of our lives, including our vocational callings as an act of worship.
  2. Loving one-another as Christ has loved us. Being a church that is ‘one-anothering’ each other with the love of Christ.
  3. Serving - by loving our neighbors as ourselves - bringing Shalom through word and deed gospel ministry, striving to be a people who seek the common good.