Women's Choice Network Updates

Women’s Choice Network has been serving Pittsburgh since 1985. We empower abortion-vulnerable women to choose life. Since 1985, our Centers have provided life-affirming pregnancy services to thousands of families in Pittsburgh. In 2009, our Centers re-organized as WCN with a vision to offer these services in neighborhoods with greatest need. We currently serve in Oakland, Monroeville Mall, North Side, and Wexford.

Our vision is to build a culture of life in Pittsburgh by :

Defending unborn children,

Meeting the needs of those at risk and unprepared for pregnancy,

Healing those traumatized by abortion,

Inviting our communities to embrace a Biblical view of sexuality.

Click to visit their website:  https://mypregnancycenter.org/

January 2021 update

BBs, Babies, and Why Numbers Matter

In 2015, two things happened that have impacted every day of my life since. First, I heard a remarkable recording. Maybe you’ve heard it too. It’s the sound of metal BBs hitting a tin can. One BB for every 1,000 lives lost in each of America’s wars. The sound of so many BBs hitting the can is a chilling experience. The final segment is the sound of number of lives lost to abortion in the US since 1973. The number is staggering. The sound of the BBs seems endless. The listener feels helpless, heartbroken, and overwhelmed.

Also in 2015, I received an unusual gift. You see, WCN was celebrating 30 years in ministry and had taken a look back to count every documented life that had been saved in those 30 years. By May of 2015, there were 5,000 little lives that had been slated for abortion but were rescued by our work.

The gift was a jar of 5,000 BBs—each one a saved life.*.

Since that year, I’ve added one BB for each life we’ve rescued. At the close of 2020 (a truly difficult year for our clients), the total in my jar is 6,687.

“Amy,” one faithful supporter said to me, “You’re going to need a bigger jar.”

Yes, Amen! In this outreach, numbers absolutely matter. And by the end of 2021, I’m hoping to overflow this jar with the evidence of lives saved and families that are transformed!

Want to hear the BBs? Click the link below.

*Thank you Jen Branson!

Numbers are important. We measure everything. Why? Because every service, every conversation, and every appointment is an opportunity to save a child or transform a family. We not only see lives saved, we see hearts changed and faith renewed. We see marriages happen, degrees attained, housing changes, relationships transformed and much more. Here are just some of the ways that your support impacted our community in 2020:

But the best way to see the impact is in the lives of our clients!

Thank you for your amazing support in 2020. Over 275 lives were saved so far and are being loved and cared for. Some moms and dads are still deciding what the future will be. Pray for them and pray for us as we launch into 2021.

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The Nest & Other Updates, DEC 2020

The Nest, our newest addition, is now open!

Find nearly new clothing for little peeps in this children's resale boutique.

We want invite you--our friends and family--to enjoy some Christmas cheer where you can shop for those little peeps in your life.

And since all proceeds go to our Life Support Program, you are shopping with a purpose: to save little lives and transform families.

So come and shop. And save 20% on your entire purchase!

"I couldn't believe the quality of the clothing and furnishings! Great prices for new and almost new things that were all gorgeous!"

"Walking in the door is a great experience! You guys have amazing clothes...and handmade items that are one of a kind!"

Address for The Nest:  

425 East Ohio Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15212


The Nest provides our clients with needed items as they earn rewards in our Life Support Programs. The Nest also exists to serve the North Side neighborhood and extends our reach into the larger Pittsburgh community. When you shop at The Nest, you find great clothing and furnishings in a beautiful boutique setting. Every purchase supports services that empower those most vulnerable to choose life.

See you at The Nest!

Also, find out more about how God is at work in the lives of young men and their families. Click below!


July 2020 Letter – Moniqua’s Story

By Amy Scheuring | July 13, 2020 | 0

As you follow today’s headlines and consider the various conversations, I’m hoping to encourage you from a unique perspective that you and I share as supporters of Women’s Choice Network. We’ve all had to pause over this past few weeks to listen, pray, and do some soul searching. Rather than provide solutions or commentary, I’d like to remind you of the amazing ways that you have touched the lives of those most vulnerable in our city. Young moms and dads have been impacted; their lives have been transformed because you cared for them in their most vulnerable moments. Let me give you an example.

Moniqua is now a young mom in our Life Support Program. But 6 months ago, she was preparing for an abortion and wanted an ultrasound to find out how far along she was. She saw our ad, made an appointment and after seeing her scan, she began to cry. Our staff wrapped around her with support, material aid, and friendship.

 “I am unbelievably grateful. You have been such a blessing throughout my whole pregnancy. You have truly been there for me. I am eternally thankful you came into my life. You have supported me in ways you don’t even know.” –‘Moniqua

A decade ago, our Board of Directors became aware that over 40% of abortions in Pittsburgh were suffered by African American women (who comprise less than 13% of the population). In 2009, two suburban pregnancy centers prayerfully sought ways to address this glaring and heinous social injustice. Those two organizations reorganized as Women’s Choice Network with a mission to plant our centers in areas of our city that were targeted by abortion clinics. We have maintained a strong and influential presence on North Side’s East Ohio Street, in the heart of Oakland, and at Monroeville’s medical hub. We further expanded our services to address the various needs of all people facing unplanned pregnancy and provide testing, programs and tools to build healthy relationships. I wanted you to know that your support has made the difference. Here’s how.

In the last 5 years, we’ve served 7,700 clients at 12,800 unique appointments

42% of our clients are “Caucasian”

Just over 40% of our clientele is “African American” or “Multi racial”

As Christians, we believe that every person matters and we must work to rescue those who are often targeted, marginalized, or forgotten. Your faithful giving reaches them with life transforming impact.

 “I truly appreciate everything you have done for us. We feel so blessed to have met you and your weekly calls really help me so much. You are so amazing. THANK YOU!”–‘Amelia,’ Amelia and her boyfriend were abortion minded when they came into the center, but after options counseling and seeing her baby on the ultrasound screen, Amelia chose life. Praise God!

Because life matters,

Amy Scheuring

07/14/2020 Update:  The Nest!

Introducing: The Nest, Nearly New Clothing for Little Peeps.

As a leader at your Church, you are among the first to know about our latest client outreach project. The Nest, a resale store for children 0 through size 6x will open this Fall to serve our clients and the larger Pittsburgh community. The Nest is located in the retail space right beside our North Side Center location on East Ohio Street. We are excited to this great news giving you a sneak peek at one of the many new developments you’ll hear at this year’s Fall Banquet.

Why a Resale Store for Kids?

The mission of Women’s Choice Network (WCN) is to empower those most vulnerable to abortion to choose life. We know that when clients choose life, that is not the end…it’s just the beginning. Empowerment includes ongoing provision of resources and experiences that support and enhance the life journey that begins at conception and follows through the first years after birth.

The Opening of The Nest Aligns with WCN’s Transformative Mission: By providing a safe, desirable location for our clients to purchase high-quality infant and children’s clothing at affordable prices, we can help our clients to prepare for and embrace the new life they are welcoming. And, for those clients in need of employment experience, we offer internships inside the store which become a stepping-stone into greater independence and security – continuing our mission to save and transform lives!

A Thriving Resale Shop Provides a Steady Source of Funds to Support WCN’s Mission: As we continue our mission to share the Gospel with those so desperately needing to hear the Good News, it is more important than ever that we solidify and expand our sources of income. The Nest is located in a popular area of the blossoming North Side community, and 100% of net proceeds will fund our pregnancy centers and the life-saving work that our staff and volunteers carry out there!

A Resale Shop Will Expand Opportunities for our Partners to Volunteer and Provide In-Kind and Financial Donations to WCN: Women’s Choice Network partner churches seeking ways to serve and volunteer now have more opportunities to make an impact in the North Side community. By giving their time and talents, groups and individuals can sort, tag, or staff the shop. WCN will be in a better position to accept donated clothes and make them available to those in need. We are confident that when more shoppers and volunteers learn about who we are and what we do, they will be inspired to support our mission.

How Can I Get Involved?

Join our facebook page and share it with friends. Click Here.

Consider organizing a Baby Shower at your Church or home. See details above.

04/23/2020 Update

39 Lives Saved (so far) During Quarantine!

While our nation unites to fight an unseen enemy, we are continuing to serve those most vulnerable to abortion inside our walls. And while the quarantine has been in place, the battle for the unborn continues to grow even stronger. Our doors have remained open and our courageous staff members provide an essential service to those facing an unplanned pregnancy in an increasingly uncertain time.

Beyond the infection itself, COVID-19 has also delivered fear, loneliness and isolation. Imagine adding an unplanned pregnancy to that scenario! But God is so good! Here are just a few of our “stories from quarantine.”

“Gary” was determined to see his girlfriend choose abortion. He is unemployed and the future looks uncertain. But after talking it through with our male staff, he stepped up to the challenge and is now willing to accept help to support this emerging family.

“Rachel” arrived early for her appointment (many arrive early and stay late because of loneliness and isolation). She needed a place to live and a job. Our team promised to pray for her and one week later, both a job and a new apartment were proof that God cares about her situation.

 “Jewel” chose life after seeing an ultrasound revealing her tiny baby. A victim of rape, Jewel’s strength amazes our team.

Serving new patients during the COVID-19 crisis is challenging, but we continue to serve our ongoing clients as well. Distance learning allows our Life Support clients to continue with classes while talking with our staff in real time.

We’ve served 25% more clients in March and April than in those months in 2019. And we’ve doubled the number of sonograms for abortion vulnerable couples (more than 3 every day we are open!). Of the 70 clients with a positive pregnancy test, 39 have already chosen life. More than 20 are still making a decision and need our prayers and support. Your gift makes the difference for tiny lives waiting to be born.